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ABOUT Tag rugby

Tag Rugby

Tag rugby is a non-contact sport. It is an exciting and enjoyable game that men, women and children of all abilities and ages can enjoy playing. There are no scrums in tag rugby. The object of tag rugby is to score tries by running with the ball with the aim of touching it on the ground behind the opponents try line. A distinctive feature of tag rugby is that players wear tag rugby belts or tag rugby shorts. These have Velcro patches to which two ribbons are attached. Instead of physically tackling a player who has possession of the ball, tag rugby defending players attempt to remove a ribbon in order to advance the game.

Tag rugby can be played with just four of five players in a team, so is a great game to play with friends and family at the beach. Because tag rugby is easy to play it does not take long to pick up the basic rules and can be played by just about anyone regardless of any previous experience or knowledge of rugby.

A game of tag rugby usually lasts for 20 minutes each half with a five-minute break in between, however games played at tag rugby competitions and festivals are shorter. Tag rugby is played with a tag rugby ball and all players wear either a tag rugby belt or tag rugby shorts. These have Velcro patches which carry two ribbons. The two ribbons must be positioned on either side of the hips.


1. Number of players
5 a side with rolling substitutes
For the Mixed/Family section, at least 2 females to play in each side at the sametime.

2. Time of game
10 minutes

3. Pitch
If the ball goes over the side-line, then it’s a turnover

4. Kick off
Both teams start on their own line
Team A grubbers ball to Team B, the ball must cross the halfway point (if it doesn’t then Team B gets tap on halfway point with Team A being 5m back)
Unlimited tags until try scored or offence

5. When tagged
Tagger must shout ‘TAG’ & stand still
Ball carrier ‘chicken scratches’ ball within 2 steps
Tagger MUST give tag back to ball carrier (he/she is out of the game until this happens)
Defenders must retreat back onside
Ball carrier must put tag back on before moving

6. Committing an offence
- Knock on
- Forward pass
- Slap down
- Shoulder barge
- Kicking the ball, apart from the start kick
- Spinning when being tagged
- Fending hands away from tag
- Shouting ‘TAG’ when you don’t have a TAG – immediate 1 min yellow card

7. Scoring
Ball put against end (when in arena)
Ball put on ground over the line (when on pitch 2)

8. Restart
Non scoring team starts from try line with tap, defence at halfway line


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